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We help businesses grow revenue and margin by putting the customer first.

Djiga Digital is a not big, but friendly and talented digital marketing team provides good service in Search Engine Optimization, PPC management, Web Analysis and Web Development

Concept of the coworking center. Business meeting. Shared working environment. People talking and working  at the computers in the open space office. Flat design style.

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Serge Tatarchuk founded Djiga Digital in 2016 with a passion for search marketing and web analysis. He has 10+ years of deep experience as a chief Marketing Officer of top-rated projecs in C.I.S.

Serge Tatarchuk

Serge Labutin is a dedicated, energetic software professional with 10 years of experience developing and leading global custom software development implementations. Sergey met up with Djiga Digital in 2016 and came on as CTO & Partner.

Serge Labutin

1. Over the last 4 years we have built up a team of digital professionals, each committed to remaining at the forefront of the digital space.

2. Our aim is to help businesses increase their product/service sales and grow their profits by implementing effective online marketing strategies.

3. Dziga is a Certified Google Partner and have good working with small and medium business in Europe, USA and Australia.

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Some Facts About Us

For long time, our team has helped companies attract and convert more traffic and make sense of their customer data to drive digital marketing success. Today we focused on the Google business tools, where we are true professionals.

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Marketing can be a struggle when you’re focused on running a business. Nobody knows this hardship better than small to mid-size companies looking to grow. That’s why we provide a good optimized range of marketing services for all-sizes businesses.

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise in Digital Marketing and Web development is the cornerstone of the tactical approach we take for each client to help them gain traction and get results. Our team analyze every client’s needs from all angles for an optimized “road map”.


– Free website analysis

– Fast marketing plan creation. Not weeks, just days!

– Free $100 Bonus for Google Adwords advertising

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