Google Adwords API Integration

We build, develop and upgrade large scale complex Google AdWords API applications that manipulate Campaigns, AdGroups, Ads, Keywords and Labels across multiple MCC Clients.

Djiga Digital`s team feels confident and experienced to develop your custom AdWords API solution. We provide good solutions in:

  • Automated account management
  • Custom reporting
  • Automated bid management
  • Development of an existing application
  • API Version upgrades


  • Changes in CTR
  • Pause adgroups with declining CTR
  • CPA Matrix
  • Campaigns over CPA
  • Tag campaigns by CPA
  • Update Ad Params from Google Spreadsheet
  • Expanded Happy Hour ad toggler
  • Ad Performance Report
  • Ad Customizer
  • Ad Parameterizer
  • Ad copy test alert
  • Create new ad text
  • Ad performance report
  • Track ad creation date
  • Ad labels
  • Checks ad destination URLs for 404 HTTP Response Codes
  • Tests search queries to determine if multiple ad groups are showing
  • Bulk Shopping Ad Group Creator
  • Declining Ad Groups Report
  • Update ad params by ad groups
  • Lets you change bids every hour
  • Unique Bidding Rules For Each Campaign
  • Update Your Bids from a Google Spreadsheet
  • Calculate bid modifiers Bid by Weather
  • Bid Testing Bid to Position (MCC)
  • Multi Bidder (MCC)
  • AdWords Scripts Taking Advantage of Google Prediction API
  • Use Google Feed API to Convert RSS to JSON
  • Using API in AdWords
  • Report on Broken Urls In Your Account
  • Use GDrive To Load A Single AdWords Script Into Multiple Accounts
  • Account Anomaly Detector
  • Account Summary Report
  • Dynamically adjust campaign budgets
  • Check account structure (#ads and #keywords per AG, ratio of match types
  • Account performance report
  • Account Monthly Budget Pause
  • Monitor Broken Links Using MCC Level Scripts
  • Set mobile bid modifier
  • Set & suggest mobile bid modifiers
  • Dynamically Adjust Campaign Budgets
  • Dynamically Adjust Campaign Budgets v2.0
  • Flexible Budgets
  • Dynamically adjust campaign budgets
  • Store Account Level Quality Score in a Google Spreadsheet
  • Store Account Performance Report in a Google Doc
  • Store Search Query Performance Report in a Google Doc
  • Store Account, Campaign, and AdGroup Level Quality Score
  • Automating Maintenance Tasks With AdWords Scripting Part 1
  • Automating Maintenance Tasks with AdWords Scripting Part 2
  • Automating Maintenance Tasks with AdWords Scripting Part 3
  • Ad Creative Test Automation Script
  • Use AdWords Scripts To Automate Black Friday
  • Automated Creative Testing With Statistical Significance
  • Ad creative test automation script
  • Pause AdGroups With No Active Keywords
  • Pause All Keywords With No Impressions
  • Update Your Keywords for the Holiday Season
  • Pause or Enable Campaigns, Keywords or Ads on a Specific Date
  • Store Account, Campaign, AdGroup, and Keyword Level Quality Score
  • Finding Anomalies In Your Keywords, Adgroups, and Ads
  • Store Keyword Performance Report In Amazon S3
  • Campaign and Keyword Performance Reporting
  • Figuring Out When Your Ad, AdGroup, Keyword, or Campaign Was Created

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